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Linden is a small rural, unincorporated community in the Eastern portion of San Joaquin County. Linden High School is a comprehensive high school of approximately 800 students. Linden High School is part of the Linden Unified School District. The district serves students within a 257 square-mile area.

Linden High School began classes in 1921. Several families have attended the school for a couple of generations. Several staff members are themselves graduates of Linden High School, including the current principal. This stability provides a rich history and character to the school. 

Linden High School operates on a traditional calendar. A seven-period hybrid schedule was implemented in 2008. Students attend periods 1 - 7 on Monday and Friday. On Tuesday, students attend periods 1 - 5, Wednesday, periods 6, 7, 1, 2 and Thursday, periods 3 -7. The hybrid schedule allows for more frequent and consistent teacher/student contact. On Wednesday, students are dismissed at 1:48 to allow for weekly staff collaboration. 

Students are challenged by a strong academic curriculum with opportunities in the arts, agriculture, computer education, family and consumer education, industrial education, and physical education. A wide range of co-curricular experiences supplement the classroom for students, including men's and women's varsity sports and a variety of service and curricular related clubs. Linden High School places a priority on maintaining a school environment that promotes student self-esteem and safety.

Linden High School is extremely proud of the programs available and of the students within our small community. Primarily a farming town, Linden has had increasing rates of students applying to and enrolling in 4-year colleges and universities. Additionally, Linden provides a strong Career and Technical Education component, complementing our outstanding academics. The agriculture and CTE courses have consistently solid programs, with students who go on to many county and state accomplishments and awards. 

We offer AP courses in Biology, Computer Science, Spanish, English Literature, US History, World History, and Calculus.  We also offer Delta Dual courses that allow students to earn simultaneous High School and College credits.  In addition, we have 5 strong CTE pathways that students can complete in their time at Linden High focusing on Agricultural Mechanics, Emergency Response, Floral Design, Food Service, Agriscience, and Information and Computer Science.